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Candice M.

These ladies are wonderful! I have 4 children and was lucky enough to have Pauline and Anne Marie attend my 4th birth (first one at home and first one without any pain medication). I felt completely safe and secure during the entire process. This was truly an experience for the entire family from day one. My husband and children were present during every visit and we felt very comfortable, well informed and prepared. My husband and I were involved in every aspect of the prenatal care including lab tests and results. We were given many choices in regards to birthing, testing, and after care. Pauline had coached my husband and I through exercises to prepare us for the birth and we both felt as if we gained friendship from each of these women in addition to the suburb care they provided. They were patient and caring during the birth itself and also supportive and encouraging. I was given natural options during aftercare including peri wash, tea, treatment for thrush, placenta encapsulation and a natural remedy for drying out my daughters umbilical cord. This was by far the best birthing experience I have had and I feel very blessed I was able to have these wonderful women take care of my baby and I. 

Maria T.

I am and forever will be thankful to Pauline and Anne Marie.  I am so glad that by fate, they became my midwives during my 5th pregnancy. 
After having 5 natural births, I’m glad to say that Anne Marie and Pauline are the epitome of midwifery.  I had the fastest, smoothest, and least painful birth experience with Anne Marie and Pauline.  With their guidance, I managed to have so much control over my mind and body during labor.  It turned out to be a miraculous birth experience. 
It's nice to know during this lifetime I am able to get the same kind of birthing experience that my foremothers got to experience - an all natural homebirth the way mother nature intended, served with tender loving care.  The same goes for the pre-natal and post-natal visits.  As a mother of 4 at the time, it was very convenient that they were willing to do all visits from the comfort of my home. 
Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for providing the best pregnancy care and birthing experience ever.  The experience absolutely exceeded my expectations.   You both are truly angels on earth and will always have a place inside our hearts.

Ashli P.

Almost a year ago I delivered my daughter Ainsley at our home, with the help of Anne Marie and Pauline, and the experience was wonderful.  Labor can be scary and painful for many women, yet mine was calm, quiet, safe and an overall great start to my daughters life.  Having a home birth made the whole experience, from pregnancy to delivery, about me and my wants/needs, rather than protocols. My choice to use Abiding Grace Midwifery gave me the assurance that my baby was safe and sound.  Anne Marie and Pauline have an incredible amount of experience delivering babies and the combination of their individual expertise was why I chose Abiding Grace.  It is almost a year later and I can say, without a doubt, if I decided to have another child, they would be one of the first people to call once I found out I was pregnant.

Maria S.

I had my first baby at home in August 2015 with the assistance of Dr. Adams and Pauline. I was so grateful for them , they were a great guidance through my pregnancy and birth. They provided all the information, but allowed me to make all the decisions. They are compassionate, experienced, and professional. I couldn't have asked for a better birth with them. They are a blessing! 

Babette A.

Abiding Grace not only prepared me for the delivery, but for Motherhood. They walked with us through the entire pregnancy and guided us as new parents. I felt safe and received the best care. We are forever grateful.