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Bringing together traditional obstetric and gynecological care with the art of midwifery, 
providing you with services that are tailored to your needs throughout all seasons of life.
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 Gynecologic Care, Menopausal Support, Well Woman Care, Placenta Encapsulation, Twins/Breech


PRENATAL CARE - Having a healthy pregnancy is one of the best ways to promote a healthy birth. This starts by having prenatal care with someone you trust and who takes the time to know you. Our longer appointment times allow this to take place. The midwive's model of care is based on the fact that pregnancy and childbirth are normal and natural processes of life. This belief is evident in our care. We offer the same lab testing, ultrasounds and schedule of visits that you would see in a hospital based practice. We see you every 4 weeks (from 4-28 weeks), every 2 weeks (from 30-36 weeks), a home visit (at 36 weeks), and then we see you every week (from 37 weeks to birth). Throughout care we address any concerns you have, prepare you for labor and birth, as well, educate you along the way so that you are empowered to make informed choices for you and your baby. Most importantly, we spend time with you, getting to know you in a way that enables us to care for you on a personal level. All of this is in preparation for birth, so that you feel safe and supported by providers you are familiar with and have a relationship with.
​HOME BIRTH - You will have access to us 24/7 for personalized care. When you start labor we will be in constant contact and will come when we are needed. We will provide you with physical and emotional support, position changes and assessing well being of your baby, and you, throughout labor. We bring with us emergency equipment and supplies for bleeding and resuscitation, as well as IV supplies. We value the uniquness of every client and allow you to birth the way that is best for you. This means that you can move freely throughout labor and birth, catch your own baby, eat and drink and be in control of your birth experience. If something outside of normal arises, that requires hospital care, we will go with you. We will stay with you to support you during labor, until after the baby is born and for a time postpartum to make sure everyone is stable and settled. 

​POSTPARTUM CARE - Once your baby is born we will stay the length of time needed to make sure everyone is stable, baby is feeding well, you have been to the bathroom, had something to eat and drink and are tucked into bed with your baby. We will perform a complete newborn exam on the baby and help with breastfeeding if needed. We come back on day 1, day 3 and day 7 to assess you and your baby. This includes vitals, weight checks, breastfeeding and well baby care, as well, mama care. We then have another visit at 2 weeks for the birth certificate and again at 6 weeks for your final visit. This is when you are offered a physical exam, pap and have discussion of birth control, if you so choose. We will offer help and resources for any issues that may arise in the post partum period. This period is filled with a lot of encouragement and support as you transition into life with baby.
Doula Services - Home birth is not the right choice for every family. As my schedule allows, I provide doula (labor support) services for those planning hospital births. As your doula, I am in communication with you as you labor at home, and we make a plan to meet at the hospital, where I generally stay with you until baby has nursed. As well, you will receive two prenatal and two postpartum visits as part of my doula services.

Monitrice Services - Like a doula, a monitrice provides labor support to a mother. A monitrice, though, has additional training to perform limited clinical assessments. This is a good option for the woman who wants to labor at home as long as possible. As your monitrice, I will labor with you at home (monitoring your and your baby's well-being), and we will move to the hospital at the appropriate time, where I will remain in a doula role. As well, you will receive two prenatal and two postpartum visits as part of my monitrice services.



Gynecologic Care

Women are unique and special emotional, psychologic and physical make up and require unique and special care. While well woman care is given when there is no current deviation from the normal physical state of a woman. Sometimes, additional guidance, support, care and education is needed. We can provide that care when the need arises. Reproductive counseling, infertility, vaginal
discharge, pelvic pain or infection, abnormal bleeding, menstrual irregularities or pain, postpartum depression, premenstrual tension (PMS), and endometriosis are just a few examples of conditions for which we can also assist a woman. We offer immediate care, and also make recommendations for
prevention, often providing future care options to minimize or eliminate recurrence. 
Menopause does not need period in life that women dread. For most women, there is a  solution to the hot flashes, sleeplessness, development of osteoporosis, joint aches, mood changes, vaginal dryness, bladder irritability and painful intercourse that may be experienced. To us, HRT (Hormone
Replacement Therapy (or HRT for short) is not solely about the actual hormone, but takes many shapes and includes anything that helps you in this transitional time. There are many available resources and remedies at your disposal. A few of these include bio identical hormones (both compounded as well as prescribed through a traditional pharmacy and covered by insurance),
phytoestrogens, nutritional counseling, aromatherapy and herbal support. We are available to help support you through menopause. It is our desire to educate and empower women to know their bodies and take control of their health throughout all seasons of life. 

Well Woman

Well women care is that which helps maintain your health. We offer physical exams including breast exam, pelvic exam, PAP smears, ordering of breast imaging and routine lab testing for general health. We take the time to explain and educate throughout the visit with compassion, sensitivity and confidentiality. It is our desire to walk alongside women as assistant guardians of health as they learn about their bodies and are empowered to take an active role in their care. We will provide support, guidance and referrals for your physical, psychological and social well being.


After giving birth many new mothers experience blood loss, fatigue and a drop in their high pregnancy hormones; all of which are thought of as key factors in the development of the "baby blues' and postpartum depression (PPD).
Placenta capsules and tincture assist in the following: postpartum, replenishing of iron and protein, reintroducing hormones back into the system, alleviation of fatigue and sleep deprivation, prevent mood instability, enhance milk production, shorten postpartum bleeding, return uterus to size, faster recovery, and prevent infection.