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Anne Marie and Pauline have a long history together. They met 27 years ago when Anne Marie was Pauline's provider for one of her children. Altogether, Anne Marie has been the provider for 6 of her 12 children, 3 of which were born at home. They went on to fellowship at the same church for some years. Their paths have crossed in birth work over the years due to Pauline having doula clients that were under the care of Anne Marie. A short time later birth work once again brought them together, this time on a new level. This continued dynamic took place as Anne Marie went full time to homebirth and Pauline began her midwifery training. They worked together for two years in an instructor/apprentice model and became partners as Pauline obtained her license as a midwife. Because of their combined hospital and home birth experiences,  they are able to provide care to women at a level that is unsurpassed and meets the needs of those who desire to experience the  miracle of birth at home.
Anne Marie Adams, M.D.
Women’s Health Specialist – Obstetrics, Gynecology, Infertility, Home Birth
I have always been a MidwifeMD.
For over 28 years, my goal has been to bring personalized care to women in the Greater Sacramento area. I am dedicated to delivering quality obstetric and women’s health care in a warm and supporting environment, taking into account the physical, emotional and social needs of each woman. My priorities have been to provide patient support, education, counseling and to encourage women as they take responsibility for their health. That has always been my goal for the over 4000 women that I have delivered in the home and hospital here in the Sacramento area. I am excited to be able to further expand that goal in an even greater capacity assisting women as they take charge of their birth experience at home.
Pauline Carr, LM, CPM
Women's Birth Specialist - Licensed Midwife, Certified Professional Midwife, Doula, Placenta Encapsulation
                                                                                                               Birth has always been a part of my life.
My roots go back to the farm I grew up on. Helping with and observing the births of the farm animals taught me to see birth as a beautiful and normal process. Since that time I went on to have 12 children and attend the births of  my 7 grandchildren. I have personally experienced the birthing center, home births(water and non-water), hospital births (natural, cesarean, inductions, and a baby in NICU ). These experiences have given me much compassion and understanding for moms and help me to relate to them on a personal level. For over 18 years I have been serving women with prenatal, labor and postpartum support. In addition I have had the blessing of helping bring over 200 babies into loving families. I look forward to bringing my life experiences and traditional training to the women in the Sacramento area as they write their own birth story.
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